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Hi – This is Janene with Cancer Survival. As your Life Coach, I am going to teach you how to impact your health and lifestyle so you can feel like you are making a difference, getting healthier mentally and physically while you reap the benefits for a quality life.


Let me tell you how I got started in assisting others through Life Coaching. My daughter, Allyse, was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma (FHCC) in 2017. At that time I began to research and seek out information and resources to help me navigate this new, scary, and confusing intrusion to our family’s lives. I began to research cancer centers all across the United States of America, and also contacted cancer centers in Latvia, Germany, and other European countries. I began to learn how much nutrition and chemotherapy were intertwined in the successful health and wellness of a cancer patient.


I want to share with you everything I have learned to teach you how you can become a warrior for your health, and not a worrier. How you can take ownership of your health and wellness by becoming more educated about your health and choices. So you can take ownership of your health and be the one that heals yourself. So that you can begin to become healthier and bring back your vitality. I’m going to help teach you how to do this, and teach you a system for doing it.


You have a deep fire, a desire to live – I want to help you find that strength to be a Cancer Survivor. Not all wars are fought with guns. This war against cancer is a true life and death fight that you are engaged in 24/7 every day. I know that this diagnosis may feel out of your control; however, there are many things you can do to support the Cancer Warrior through this fight.


I want to teach you how to be an advocate for yourself, or your loved one, so you can take ownership of your health, and be confident that you not only understand the regimens recommended to you, but you also keep updated on other medical and holistic options that are helping others with your diagnosis thrive. Understanding your diagnosis and maintaining education on  health and cancer wellness options others are thriving on helps not only you, but also your loved ones and oncologists. To become an expert in your diagnosis and an advocate for yourself will show your oncologist that you’re not just a statistic; you are a Warrior. To bring your own understanding, research, and education into an oncology visit brings to light ideas and regimens not known to some hospitals. Additionally, mentally, when you take the extra steps to become an expert in your own health, your inner strength will radiate and affect your physical and mental health, as well as your desire to survive and thrive with a cancer diagnosis.


Ultimately, my goal in being your Life Coach is to help you have better health, so you feel stronger and have more vitality, so you can make an impact in your treatment and even the outcome, and have a lifestyle that you desire.


I will show you how you can eat healthier; live in more positive mental state; understand your cancer and the processes that come with cancer treatment, and what questions are important to ask doctors.


Cancer Survival has been designed for those diagnosed with cancer, as well as parents, siblings, children, spouses and caregivers of cancer warriors.


The outcomes cancer warriors will experience include more energy, healthier living, stronger emotional state, feeling they are in control of their outcomes – mentally and physically, feeling educated and knowing how to talk with the doctors and treatment team members about their cancer and treatments. They will learn to survive and thrive, have more vitality, go out and live their lives the way they want to, and be a Cancer Survivor.


Your inner strength as a cancer warrior, parent, spouse, sibling, child or caregiver and your desire to survive and thrive with a cancer diagnosis is what brought you to my website today and why you will succeed.



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